Three for Hire: The Shadow Assassins

Book Cover: Three for Hire: The Shadow Assassins

This historical fiction is the second in Dan's Three for Hire Western series. It has everything you're looking for in a Western: heroes, villains, cattle rustlings, gunfights, a saloon brawl, holdups and much more. The story has its roots during the Civil War but comes to a head in 1880 in a legendary town of the Old West, San Antonio, Texas. A secret society, the Knights of the Golden Circle, goes underground after President Lincoln's assassination. It re-emerges under a new identity, spewing death and destruction throughout the West. The fearless Three for Hire are employed by President Hayes to saddle-up, head west, risk their lives for their President and country, and to expose and bring to justice those low-life evildoers of the clandestine underground. Prepare for a shocking conclusion!

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