Three for Hire: Gunslingers on the Santa Fe

Book Cover: Three for Hire: Gunslingers on the Santa Fe

This is the first episode in Dan’s Three for Hire series. Dan's Western novel is an historical fiction loaded with real and fictional characters along with bona fide historical places of the Old West. It is centered on an ever-developing story line, which combines adventure, mystery, villains and heroes in a clash between the creativity of the daring and the courage of the audacious. President Rutherford B. Hayes gives his Cabinet and the railroad an unprecedented task in 1879 that ends in a fatal conflict between good and evil in an infamous cow town of the Old West. But who will be able to claim victory in the end? Prepare yourself for thrills, excitement, an old fashioned Western shootout and a climax that will shock everyone. If you enjoy reading Western novels, then you will love Three for Hire: Gunslingers on the Santa Fe.

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