Fatal Deceit

Book Cover: Fatal Deceit

Author, Dan Burle, Sr. has written a mystery/suspense novel, which employs an intriguing method to introduce the reader to the existing clandestine cult of the enlightened. His creative technique will make it difficult for the reader to put this book down. Professor Oliver Wellington is a world-renowned expert on secret societies and conspiracy theories regarding the Illuminati’s covert march toward a New World Order. He lectures at the University of Oxford and endeavors to expose and warn against the elite puppet masters’ evil plot to rule the world from the shadows, behind the scenes, and under the dark cloak of complete secrecy. However, in a moment of indiscretion, Wellington allows himself to become a marionette in an entangled perilous web of secret society espionage. Will controlling strings by a lethal esoteric culture lead Professor Wellington and his four professor friends into mysterious unforeseen dangerous circumstances? This novel is filled with surprises, twists, and events that will arouse the reader’s curiosity to wonder if what was thought to be only theory, may, in fact, be as real as what one can conceive.

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