3 For Hire: Soldiers for Justice

Book Cover: 3 For Hire: Soldiers for Justice

This Western novel is the 5th episode in Dan’s celebrated Three for Hire series.

They called themselves Soldiers for Justice. Yet Horace Greeley’s New York Tribune coined another name for this malicious secret society, the “Devil Ghost Riders”. They considered themselves a righteous group formed for the good of the community. However, their actions told another story. They became the judge, jury, and executioners. There was no time for trials. Immediate punishment for crimes committed came at the end of a rope, a lead ball to the chest, or a pile of rubble and ashes.

Colonel Culpepper had an ulterior motive for frontier justice versus his general. It was a lingering animus toward southern sympathizers for atrocities Bushwhackers committed on his friends during the Civil War. His thirst for revenge could never be satisfied. Thus, the black flag waved on.

Saddle up, my friends, for another wild ride in the Old West.


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