The list price on the cookbook is $24.95. This will be your introductory cost. I will pay for mailing cost, which is $2.66, packaging cost, which is .60, and taxes, which is $1.58. That is a savings to you of $4.84. HOWEVER, THERE IS MORE! In my new book, I write about the sugar content of various tomato varieties. Using my refractometer, which is used in the produce industry, I listed the fact that the sugar content and flavor of a particular variety of cherry tomato far exceeded all other tomatoes I tested. With 40 years of experience in the produce industry, I already knew this. In addition, I have also made many friends around the country in the industry. The cherry tomato that tested very high on flavor and sugar content was the Nature Sweet brand called Cherubs. I am happy to announce that a broker friend of mine, and that company have been so kind as to give me VIP Coupons for a “free” package of Nature Sweet Cherubs cherry tomatoes to give to buyers of my cookbook. That is up to a $2.50 savings. Now the savings to you is $7.34.

Here’s how to order a signed copy – there are two ways.

1. Send a check to

Dan Burle

P.O. Box 298

Bonne Terre, Mo., 63628

2. Use a credit card by calling my office at 573 358 4172

Note: There will be a quantity discount on 3 or more books. Message me on Facebook and I will give you a price.

Thank you and have a great day!