Book Testimonials

LC:  Frontier Justice Across the Rio Grande (Episode II) – I really enjoyed it! Lots of action!

I have just finished Dan’s latest book “Frontier Justice Across the Rio Grande” and really enjoyed it!  Lots of action, suspense, old west facts, and a surprise ending!  I highly recommend both Frontier Justice books and all 4 Three for Hire books.  I am now waiting for Dan’s next Three for Hire book.


MKM:  Frontier Justice Across the Rio Grande (Episode II) – Great Read!

I purchased the book from the Author.  I have read all of his novels to date.  I have enjoyed each and every one.  This book had many twists and turns that made you want to keep reading, you wanted to find out what was going to happen next.  I enjoy how much factual information is incorporated into the storyline.  Dan is really keeping the Wild West alive.  Can’t wait to see what adventure is coming next.


TRACEYB:  Three for Hire: Gunslingers on the Santa Fe – Top Notch Westerns

If you like westerns, history, action, and suspense Dan Burle’s books are a must read!  He has put a lot of research, heart, and soul into these.  I have six of his books and have thoroughly enjoyed every one of them.  Looking forward to more books by Mr. Burle.


MICHAELH:  Frontier Justice Across the Rio Grande (Episode II)

What a great finale, I never saw this ending coming.  I was blown away.  An absolute must read for anyone who loves a great western novel.


RHC:  Three for Hire:  The Shadow Assassins

I didn’t buy Dan’s books from Amazon as I usually do for I met Dan at Silver Dollar City Missouri where they were having a western show.  Dan was at a booth he had set up and I bought the entire set of 3 and 1 more.  Also, he signed all of the 4 books I bought.  Dan seemed to be a real great and genuine guy with a real interest in history and the creation of a good story.  If you like fiction and some historical western events and a yarn spun through it putting both fictional and real characters together with actual places and events then you will enjoy these books.  The prices on Amazon are just as good as I got while at the show booth and worth every penny.


FB:  Frontier Justice Across the Rio Grande (Episode II)

Those who have a passion for reading about adventures in the Old West, including factual historical insights along the way, will thoroughly enjoy Dan Burle’s “Frontier Justice Across the Rio Grande”.  I sure did.  Like his other books, this one captivates your interest from the start as the various plots provide twisting schemes of excitement and unexpected shockers.

A must read!


FCW:  Frontier Justice Across the Rio Grande (Episode II)

Hey Dan Burle…Just finished your latest book…Honestly, it was your best one yet.  I really enjoyed it and the blending of the characters and, especially, the twist at the end.  All I can say is “WOW!!!!!!!!”

MW:  Frontier Justice Across the Rio Grande (Episode II)

Dan, I started your book Thursday evening and finished it last night.  It was so good.  It kept my interest throughout.  I am amazed at all of the facts that you pack into your stories.  I never liked reading about history, but when it is wrapped into one of your stories, it makes for very good reading.  Bravo!


PW:  Frontier Justice

Dan Burle has written an old west novel that will intrigue, inform, and at the very end inspire you in a very surprising way.  It is evident that Dan writes with the reader in mind.  He is diligent in his historical facts, yet not in a boring way.  He uses his vast research of the era, a plot that draws you in, and the personality of the characters to treat the reader to factual, yet wholesome imagery and inspiration.  You will enjoy this novel and feel good after you read it.


SC:  Frontier Justice

Best one so far and I loved the other ones he has written.  Intrigue, suspense, romance and history all rolled into one!  I don’t normally read westerns but Dan has changed that with his way of writing.  Just waiting now for the next one!


MW:  Frontier Justice         

Frontier Justice is Dan’s best book so far!  He has such great imagination.  The story is chock full of history and the plot keeps you interested from page 1.  I couldn’t stop reading it.  I don’t generally read “Westerns”, but Dan’s way of telling a very interesting story while teaching the reader thousands of historical facts make his books superb!


PA: Frontier Justice

Burle’s latest historical fiction book, Frontier Justice, is a great read!  From start to finish, it held my interest with suspenseful twists and turns.  Burle incorporates interesting historical facts about the Old West, while entertaining the reader with his colorful characters and intriguing plot lines.


IP:  Frontier Justice

Bravo…a masterful blend of history, intrigue and romance woven into the colorful blanket that was the Old West!!!!! Full of twists and surprises that keep readers on the edge of their seats. Kudos to the author…a great read…best yet!!!
JK:  Frontier Justice

Frontier Justice is Dan Burle’s best work to date!  It combines historical references with a quick moving plot that includes suspense, violence and a touch of romance with a great ending.  A great read that keeps you coming back for more.


JB:  Frontier Justice

What a great action filled book.  It was action packed till the very end with a little surprise.  It’s a must read.



JM: Frontier Justice

What a colorful journey through the old west, its famous and infamous characters, its culture and its history, all delivered through an intriguing story. It is a great read for a relaxing afternoon.


PM:  Three for Hire:  Gunslingers on the Santa Fe         

As a history buff and cowboy “want to be”, this novel is most interesting, engaging and entertaining to me.  Dan writes as if he actually lived in these times.  I am appreciative and impressed with the research he did in order to write so masterfully.  I was very proud of Preacher Walker in chapter 6.  I want to be like him when I grow up.


SS: Three for Hire:  Gunslingers on the Santa Fe

You have to read this book – a historical fiction Western novel with a great plot, great character development and a surprise ending.  I discovered many fascinating things about the Old West which I never knew.  Can’t wait for the sequel.


PT:  Three for Hire:  Gunslingers on the Santa Fe

I truly enjoyed this Western novel!  Great use of detail and characterization, creating a fascinating combination of both factual history and fiction about the Old West.  Interesting twist at the end!


CY:  The Shadow Assassins

Good book from a good author!


PT:  The Shadow Assassins

I thoroughly enjoyed your latest book…Three for Hire: The Shadow Assassins.  The plot is a mixture of intrigue, suspense, informative (as well as interesting) commentaries of history, and western-spun humor.  Great buildup to an awakening climax.  Again, as in the first episode, the characters come alive with expressive dialogue and description.


MKM: The Shadow Assassins

I love the accurate history intertwined with a fictional story line.  I am looking forward to the next “Three for Hire” adventure.


JK:  Frontier Justice: Across the Rio Grande (Episode II)

I just finished Frontier Justice:  Across the Rio Grande.  Dan did it again!  Another great Western filled with action, suspense, intrigue and Old West facts.  The information in this book about secret societies was really interesting.  The ending was a huge surprise.  I highly recommend all of Dan’s books!