FRONTIER JUSTICE: Across the Rio Grande (Episode II)

Book Cover: FRONTIER JUSTICE: Across the Rio Grande (Episode II)

Across the Rio Grande is the second episode in Dan’s Frontier Justice series. This engaging story of the Old West demonstrates how far strong-minded individuals will go to attain a desired outcome, be it noble or malicious. The legendary detective Allan Pinkerton wants to finally put an end to the last arm of the notorious Brinkman criminal network of murderous thugs. The evil gang leader Cole Brinkman cannot resist his desires for wealth and revenge. He plans to steal the enormous treasures of a dangerous secret society, and then ride to Kansas to kill the two who were responsible for his brother’s death. At every turn in the road, lawmen will try to outsmart the desperados and the desperados will endeavor to outmaneuver the lawmen. Saddle up my friends for a wild ride in the Old West and a shocking conclusion!

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